Setting up your event

Thanks for choosing us for your event this year! Here is a general flow of what we need and how we will set up your event.

(Follow these steps ONLY after you have received a customized proposal and have signed it and returned to us.)

Basic Event Info

Please fill out the following form on your general event info.


When you are completely finished with approval of all home detail content (text and images), I will need:
– a spreadsheet of the text data.
– share an online folder (example: Dropbox) with me containing the elevations and floor plans.

Ad’s & Sponsorships

-all ad information can be found here. If you choose to have sponsorships and advertisements, we will need this information.
-if you choose to do a buyers guide, we will need that information

*Find more about Ads, Sponsorships and Buyers Guide click the button below;

Photo galleries

Photo galleries are accepted until 4 days before your event starts