The original Parade of Homes app solution

An app solution designed by a 20-year Parade of Homes professional. Digitally connecting HBA’s and home buyers with an easy to use, informative and affordable app solution. 

Who is MyHomeFound?

Back in 2010 we were first to market with a Parade of Homes app for our local HBA. Ever since then we have been working hard to be the best partner for the work that you do.

In that journey there have been many other solutions that have come and some have gone. As you understand, the home building industry is not easy, but we hope that we can make it a little easier. The way we hope we succeed is to listen to you, your members and your tour visitors to provide the solutions you can use.

Our Features

FeaturesMyHomeFoundParade SmartE&M Consulting
Website Included
Data Management included with price
Each home location is individually verified
Advertisements available
Ads can be tied to specific homes
Ability to view home image and home information on main navigation
Easy to navigate
One event manager handling your event from start to finish

Base Features

Allow tour visitors to easily access home
information and directions to visit.

Provide an IOS, Android and mobile
responsive website to allow your visitors to access
information digitally and mobile.

Our difference?
User interface that is intuitive and elegant
Website is included
Data management is included in the price (our specialist handles all the hassles)

Speed of App

Problem: Tour users do not want a slow, hard to
use app that requires many clicks, tabs, swipes
to get to the info that is important to them.

Solution: Create an app and website solution
that looks clean, is easy to manage, and is very
straight forward to each user.

Our difference?

*Apps optimized for speed, stability and
ease of use
*Apps are a delight to use encouraging
users to engage more fully


Problem: Tours are expensive

Solution: Provide an affordable solution with all
the perks of an expensive solution

Our difference?

*Our pricing is competitive or lower than our
*Our focus is accessibility and to pass along
efficiencies to you in the form of cost savings

Directional Components

Problem: Tour visitors want an accurate, easy
way to navigate to homes. For new construction,
many homes locations are not yet in the map

Solution: Provide mapping via smartphone

Our difference?

*All home addresses are coded as GPS
coordinates (latitude, longitude)
*All home addresses verified by our event


Problem: Putting on a home tour involves real cost. HBA’s
are non-profits and must maximize value for

Solution: allow local HBA to sell advertising to sponsors.

Our difference?

*Our ads are positioned for visibility
*Our ads trigger when user searches maximizing
impressions, minimizing disruptions
*Our ads can be tied specifically to a home
*MHF can provide design services for advertisements

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